SolaVieve specializes in managing the convergence of five industries: hospitality, healthcare, spa, technology, and real estate. Through dozens of individual, yet tightly integrated, business units, we operate well-beyond the traditional hospitality and healthcare models by designing and executing our environments to achieve 100% guest participation in a wide array and ever-evolving suite of health & wellness offerings. 

We create mission-driven cultures of diversified staff and whole systems integration throughout the operation, where physicians work hand in hand with spiritual healers, physiologists with nutritionists, psychologists with body healers—an integrated community that creates an enriched atmosphere focused on engaging and servicing the guests and homeowners at a deep, transformative level.

We design well-appointed spaces that perfectly combine form and function. Energy centers, collaboration zones, sanctuaries, and so on are all modeled and woven into the programmatic experience. Traditional hospitality and healthcare elements—guest rooms and lobby, examination rooms and diagnostic areas—are all elevated to the experiential and human-centric level.

Such an environment generates significant pricing power, guest loyalty, staff innovation and tenure, and control over expenses—resulting in high profitability, increased shareholder equity, and transformative guest and staff experiences.

Key Deliverables


  • Increasing shareholder and property value

  • Maximizing and diversifying profitable revenue

  • ​Achieving operational efficiency targets


  • Creating transformative guest, homeowner, and staff experiences

  • Listening, anticipating, and responding to the target customer

  • Executing effective and efficient promotional strategies


  • Executing a mission-driven, innovative, and productive culture

  • Hiring, training, listening to, nurturing, and retaining top talent


  • ​Attaining full operational integration

  • Maintaining an appropriate internal control structure and risk profile

  • Ensuring all infrastructure elements reflect best practices